Where can I go to fill up my tires with Nitrogen?

To find dealerships and tire service locations near you, log on to and type in your zipcode on the "Dealer Locator" section of the page.

Is Nitrogen Explosive?

No. Nitrogen is inert and safe. Nitrogen is the most commonly used chemical in the USA. It is so safe that it is used for storing and packaging snack foods, coffee and other foods.

Can I mix air with Nitrogen?

Although it's best to maintain Nitrogen purity of 93%, it is fine to add air to your Nitrogen filled tires if you need to add pressure.

If I add regular air, how do I get my Nitrogen purity back to the correct levels?

Simply have your dealer purge your tires and refill them with Nitrogen.

Do I still need to check tire pressure?

Absolutely. However, you should find the tire pressure to be more consistent.

How can Nitrogen in my tires save fuel?

Proper inflation reduces road resistance, giving you more miles to a gallon of fuel. Your tire life and fuel savings can be up to $300 per year.

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